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Hi!  I’m Arianne and I’m so happy you landed here today. I’m an author, speaker, physical therapist, registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator.  Essentially, I have been obsessed with learning about the human body for the past 22 years which lead me to open my dream practice, the Movement Paradigm, an integrative health center in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. 

As many of you can relate, after experiencing some tragic events and significant loss in my life, I gained so much clarity on my mission and vision. My goal is to share our three-pillar approach of mindset, nutrition, and movement that addresses you as a whole person and the underlying causes of your health issues, rather than simply treating your symptoms. 

As a cancer survivor, mover, educator, and American Ninja Warrior competitor, I am dedicated to helping you heal your body, alleviate inflammation, move better, and live with vitality.

About the book…

I have poured my heart out into this book in the hopes that it will empower and inspire you to appreciate your health and the gift of movement, be the best version of yourself, and have the strength to Rise Up.  

About Rise Up

Rise Up is a story of a young woman’s journey of triumph, the human spirit, and healing through mindset, nutrition, and movement that took her all the way from rape and cancer to TV’s most intense competition, American Ninja Warrior.

Through the process of healing herself through the revitalizing power of movement, she has found a way to help others heal their own bodies and in fact, make it her life’s purpose.

Despite sexual, physical, emotional, relational, and psychological adversities, with faith, focus, perseverance, mental and physical fortitude, we can all rise above challenges and realize our full potential.

Readers will feel empowered to take ownership of their own health and be the best versions of themselves.


The Movement Paradigm

The Movement Paradigm is an integrative health center focusing on mindset, nutrition, and movement blending Eastern and Western philosophies, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science. The Movement Paradigm offers physical therapy, nutrition coaching, and movement coaching that includes powerful dietary interventions, movement, sleep, and mindset reframing techniques to heal your body, alleviate inflammation, and live with vitality.

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